5:30-6:30 Restless Rascals 8-11 years                   

6:45-7:45 Restless Rogues 12-16 years


6:00-7:00 Raw and Restless 16+ year olds

Contact Becky for more details: becky@restlesstheatre.co.uk

These groups offer young people a platform to have their say, to discuss what they care about, and give them a voice as they develop skills towards creating their own original pieces of theatre for an audience.

The skills young people learn and the confidence built will facilitate their activities in life and education, and also feed their creativity. This will support decision making as well as developing imagination and vision.

Skills covered:

      • Basic drama and acting skills through play and games
      • Character creation and development
      • Improvisation and thinking on our feet
      • Movement and stage presence
      • Theme work, looking at what we care about, and creating narrative
      • Rehearsal and working towards performance

Who is running it?

Becky Louise Rich is a freelance actor and stage manager who works in film, theatre, and corporate drama. An experienced teacher and workshop facilitator, Becky graduated from Exeter University with a degree in Drama in 2015.

“Young people need a voice. A say. People assume to know what they care about, but I am here to support them in showing what they care about. That is the beauty of theatre, and the beauty of giving young people ownership in creating something that is theirs.”  Becky Dobson