Much Ado About Nothing

Restless Theatre’s ... work travels well, whether to a classroom, village hall, pub or your living room. I came away refreshed and smiling.’

 Remotegoat ****


When Claudio returns from war he finds that his thoughts have turned to marriage.  To while away the days before the wedding, his friend Don Pedro proposes a plan to induce confirmed bachelor Benedick into a match with his long-time sparring partner, Beatrice.  However, when Claudio thinks he sees his betrothed with another man, his jealousy derails the wedding, leaving Benedick and Beatrice to reunite the lovers.

'A very clever, funny and intimate show!       Audience member, City Gate Hotel, 6th August 2014

'It was super to see such talent and energy - we will certainly look out for future performances! Thanks again for a super evening!'                                              
                                                         -  Audience member, Payhembury Village Hall, 16th August 2014

Collaboration is at the heart of our work.  We enjoyed working with Chris Harknett from Individual Arts who composed the original music for this production.